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Entry #1

Hey all.

2007-11-01 14:08:04 by SleshX

Whats up?


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2007-12-09 17:12:06

Not much. I want to make some chai tea here in a minute. I'm not sure I have enough honey to make it properly though. I sure as hell hope so :/



2007-12-12 18:01:22

not much,how bout u ,ma ninja!


2007-12-12 18:03:54

Again, I'm getting ready to make some chai tea. What's up with me clicking your userpage every time I'm ready for tea? I don't even know you. This is weird.

In case you're worried, don't be. I have more honey now. Thanks for your concern.


2008-05-18 09:00:27

The sky is up.